Our supporters include:

  • “Throughout my career I have seen first-hand how effective the emergency services are. They deserve the entire country’s thanks. I am pleased to give my backing to a national emergency services memorial to honour their work.”

    Lord (John) Prescott
    Deputy Prime Minister 1997-2007

    “The loss of a friend, colleague or family member always hurts. Having a lasting testament of their contribution to helping and saving lives, bringing people to justice and upholding our society is a small, yet significant reminder that serving the public can sometimes lead to the ultimate sacrifice.”

    Stuart Hyde QPM
    Former Chief Constable

    “First responders are civic heroes; some pay the ultimate price; we owe them all our gratitude and respect.”

    Alastair Stewart OBE

    “The emergency services perform an invaluable role to keep us all safe from harm. They work with immense skill, courage and dedication, often in extremely challenging conditions, selflessly putting the lives of others above their own. It is right that we recognise this and show our gratitude. I am proud to support the National Emergency Services Memorial for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.”

    Rt Hon Sadiq Khan
    Mayor of London

    “The risk and role of the emergency services goes far beyond those responding to 999 calls. I’m pleased to give my backing to an emergency services memorial and official emergency services day to honour those who work so tirelessly for the public.  Recent events have reinforced the enormous contribution that so many unsung public servants provide at times of both tragedy and challenge.”

    Rt Hon Lord (David) Blunkett
    Home Secretary (2001 - 2004)

    “Our emergency services perform some of the most demanding and vital work in order to protect us all. It is entirely right that the extraordinary commitment, courage and selfless dedication they demonstrate should be honoured. I am pleased to give my support to this National Emergency Services Memorial and 999 day.”

    The Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP
    First Minister of Scotland

    “We are indebted to our emergency services who daily endanger their lives to ensure our health, safety and well-being. Sadly, there have been many from our Fire, Police, Ambulance, Health and Coastguard emergency services who have died whilst on the call of duty. It is important we remember their sacrifice and dedication to their profession. Particularly during our darkest days in Northern Ireland when men and women left their families never to return from duty.  

    “I support the campaign for the National Emergency Services Memorial – the first combined memorial of its kind in the UK. We owe a gratitude to the brave men and women who have worked in our emergency services and I hope this memorial will act as a national symbol of remembrance.

    Rt Hon Arlene Foster MLA
    DUP Leader and Fmr First Minister of Northern Ireland

    “Every day, our emergency services go out to work, not knowing what they might face, but they demonstrate the utmost professionalism and bravery. We owe these men and women a tremendous debt of gratitude and it is entirely right and fitting that those who give their lives in the line of duty should be remembered with a lasting memorial. I am very proud to support a National Emergency Services Memorial and the creation of an official Emergency Services Day.”

    Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP
    Home Secretary (2016-2018)

    “The tireless work and dedication of our emergency services deserves the thanks and respect of the whole nation. I am honoured to be able to offer my support to remember those who have lost their lives in active duty. I wholeheartedly support the creation of a national memorial to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in preserving the safety of our society.”

    Rt Hon Lord (William) Hague
    Fmr Conservative Leader, First Secretary of State, and Foreign Secretary

    Our emergency services deserve the thanks of the whole nationThese selfless men and women work day in day out, and I cannot think of a more fitting tribute than a national memorial, serving as a constant reminder of their tireless dedication to others.”

    Rt Hon David Cameron
    Prime Minister (2010 - 2016)

    “It is now time that a fitting tribute is paid to all those members of our national emergency services who have lost their lives whilst serving their communities. I therefore commend the construction of a National Emergency Services Memorial to stand in their honour for all time and which will commemorate all the brave men and women to whom we owe so much.”

    Baroness Harris of Richmond DL
    Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, and Secretary of the APPG Policing

    “The professionalism and dedication of our emergency service personnel protects us when we face the worst of times. We should be grateful for that work, but especially when they too face death or serious injury in the course of their duties.”

    Rt Hon Jacqui Smith
    Former Home Secretary

    “I’m pleased to be able to give my support to the building of a national memorial dedicated to all members of the emergency services – past and present. Their work and duty deserves the entire country’s thanks.”

    Rt Hon Nick Clegg
    Deputy Prime Minister 2010-2015

    “Our emergency services show extraordinary bravery and professionalism every day, putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe. We are deeply indebted to the men and women of our emergency services for their dedication to duty, and particularly to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting the public. As Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, it is my honour to support the National Emergency Service Memorial and the creation of an official Emergency Services Day.”

    Rt Hon Nick Hurd MP
    Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service

    “I am pleased to support the Memorial project. It’s extraordinary that there isn’t a National Emergency Services Memorial and I am pleased that work is being done to rectify this omission.”

    Rt Hon Lord (Neil) Kinnock
    Former Leader of the Labour Party and EU Commissioner

    “The Emergency Services workforce carry out some of the hardest and most important work in our country. It is vital their bravery and strength is recognised. Whether it’s the police protecting our communities, paramedics responding to urgent 999 calls or firefighters tackling tragedies like the recent Grenfell Tower fire, they all make huge contributions to our nation’s health and safety. We must all support efforts to create a memorial for those emergency service workers who pay the ultimate sacrifice and lose their lives in the course of their duties. We must pay tribute to those who have died whilst trying to protect us.”

    Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP
    Chair, House of Commons Home Affairs Committee

    “Each and every day the men and women of our emergency services make tremendous sacrifices to keep us safe. They do all they can to protect us from danger while heading towards it themselves. A national memorial would be a fitting tribute to honour all they do for us, their unwavering commitment and selfless acts of heroism.”

    Rt Hon Tony Blair
    UK Prime Minister 1997 - 2007

    “Our Emergency Services are the finest in the world. These are extraordinary, selfless men and women who think only of others and often risk their lives to keep Britain safe”.

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown
    Prime Minister (2007 - 2010)

    “Thankfully it is rare that we lose one of our heroic emergency service personnel in the line of duty. Yet everyday they risk their lives protecting us. It is only right and proper that we should have a national memorial to honour the lives lost.”

    Tim Farron MP
    Leader of the Liberal Democrats (2015-2017)

    “The Maritime & Coastguard Agency strongly supports the initiative  to establish a National Emergency Services Memorial, to commemorate  the selfless and often highly courageous interventions by emergency responders, over many decades, to serve the general public of our nation.”

    Vice Admiral Sir Alan Massey KCB CBE
    Chief Executive, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

    “The Emergency Services have a long and distinguished role in helping and protecting people in dire circumstances, often at great risk to themselves. I strongly support the case for a Memorial to honour the many members of the Emergency Services who have lost their lives in seeking to save others.”

    Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH
    Prime Minister (1990 - 1997)

    “I am proud to support a national emergency services memorial to remember those in the emergency services, past and present, who have lost their lives in the course of duty in helping and protecting others. They served us with great distinction and courage and we are indebted to them. This memorial shows our gratitude by honouring their sacrifice.”

    Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM
    First Minister of Wales

    “I’m proud to support this National Memorial and the creation of an official emergency services day.  The men and women of our emergency services are there for us when we need them most. As a nation, we are indebted to them for their courage and their sacrifice and it is absolutely right that we should honour their incredible service in this very special way.”

    Rt Hon Theresa May MP
    Prime Minister

    “As a firefighter for over 22 years, I know the risks faced by the emergency services when responding to a call. Fallen colleagues – including in Lancashire have paid the ultimate cost of serving the public, and I support a national memorial to honour all those who have died and who serve.”

    Justin Johnston
    Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Lancashire

    “The debt we owe to our Emergency Services who take great risks to keep us safe is enormous. A permanent national memorial to those who have lost their lives and their colleagues who serve would be fitting recognition of this debt.”

    Rt Hon The Lord (Michael) Howard of Lympne CH PC QC
    Former Home Secretary and Leader of the Conservative Party

    “I support a national emergency services memorial, to honour those who have lost their lives in the name of duty, and to honour the emergency services past and present.”

    Roger Nield MBE
    Rtd Surrey Police Inspector

    ‘The debt the country owes to our emergency services, very often the first responders at any incident, is beyond measure. The sacrifices made have often been the ultimate full measure and paid in treasure. A lasting national memorial to this sacrifice, this duty, this level of public service is the very least we can do and I wish the campaign well.’

    Rt Hon Tony McNulty
    Former Minister of State for Policing, Crime, Security and Counter-terrorism

    “The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is delighted to support the establishment of a national emergency services memorial. The determination and selflessness of those who have made a difference to millions of lives, should never be forgotten”

    Vice Admiral Paul Boissier CB
    Chief Executive, RNLI

    “As Deputy Prime Minister, I became familiar of the sacrifices made by the emergency services on a daily basis. May the NESM be a symbol of the UK’s gratitude to the peace-keepers and life savers.”

    Rt Hon Lord (Michael) Heseltine CH PC
    Deputy Prime Minister 1995-1997

    ‘As the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Citizens in Policing I am delighted to support the National Emergency Services Memorial and the recognition of all personnel, including Special Constables, Police Support Volunteers and Volunteer Police Cadets, who contribute to the safety and reassurance of the public.’ 

    Dave Jones QPM
    Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police

    “I am pleased to support the work of NESM and recognise all those that serve, whether salaried or volunteers, those that have served and in particular those that have paid the ultimate price and also importantly recognise their families.”

    Dawn Whittaker
    Chief Fire Officer, East Sussex FRS and Chair of Trustees for the Royal Life Saving Society UK

Note: This is not a comprehensive list.