Welcome by the Chair

“Over 7,000 emergency services personnel and volunteers have paid the ultimate price for their public duties in Britain.

“Whilst there are individual memorials dedicated to the police, fire brigade, ambulance and rescue services, there is no one national memorial that can act as a sort of emergency services cenotaph, a national symbol of gratitude and sacrifice to the British emergency services. The work the emergency services and volunteers do is quite incredible, from the brave firefighters going into Grenfell Tower, to the police and other services responding to terrorist attacks. The NESM was inspired by the successful National Emergency Services Memorial in Canberra, Australia.

“As a serving A/Special Police Sergeant, descended from a long line of military and police personnel, I am immensely passionate about the work our services do day in day out; I know all too well the dangers faced by emergency services on every shift, and the great pride when I put on my uniform and serve my community.

“I am honoured that this campaign has received the support of key figures across the political divide, including the Prime Minister, all of her predecessors, all former Deputy Prime Ministers, several Home Secretaries and the Leaders of the Conservative Party, Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. I am very proud we have the support of the amazing organisations below, and the backing of the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments.

“I am confident that together – with the public’s support – we can raise at least £3 million to build a national emergency services memorial, and together we can honour and remember the men and women who have given their lives in the name of public service, and give thanks to those who have been injured on duty, and to all those who serve. Donations can be made by clicking here.

“I am pleased to advise that we are also having an Official Emergency Services Day to promote volunteering across the emergency services, and to strengthen the links between the services and the communities we serve.

Thomas E.J. Scholes-Fogg, Founder of the NESM